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John Furness Owner/Operator of Simple Square

John Furness, Owner/Operator of Simple Square John Furness, Owner/Operator of Simple Square

As the owner and Creative Director of Simple Square, John specializes in custom online strategy development and implementation. John has over fifteen years of experience providing custom web solutions to a wide array of global clients from small start-up businesses to national corporations.

John's experience, expertise, and attention to detail will give you an online brilliance. His customized solutions build a solid web technology foundation that grows with you. His unique and focused direction offers compelling solutions that engage the end user with award-winning design and user-friendly interaction.

With degrees in visual communications, information technologies, and design coupled with over fifteen years of industry experience - John resides within a small group of industry-leading web technology experts. His solutions have and continue to guide numerous organizations towards their rightful place online.


Simple Square

5663 Cornwallis St.
Halifax NS B3K 1B6
+1 902 452 3417
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